Shanghai | EGG

China´s boomtown is rich in street and gourmet cuisine and offerings are overwhelming. But when it comes to a Western style healthy breakfast in particular, choices are way more limited if you are not looking for a hotel buffet or coffee chain sandwich to start the day with. EGG is an airy fresh eatery located not too far away from the Shanghai Exhibition Center and serves homemade avocado toast variations, sweet and hearty bowls as well as cold brew coffees and freshly made lemonades.


It was my friend´s Nadine idea to head over there for breakfast and it truly was a good one. Egg is situated on a fairly busy road and offers a great selection of homemade healthy super foods to energize for a busy day.

The owner and her four kitchen aids create a relaxing and comfortable place to enjoy a nutritious breakfast with sweet and savory meals. The cafe spreads over two stories and the floor-to-ceiling windows add lots to the bright and inviting interior.


The kitchen is open which I always enjoy. Mainly because I love watching food to be prepared.


I had opted for the Green Bowl with Avocado, Barley, Edamame, Kale and Cucumber and added a poached egg on top. Along with my Coconut Cold Brew coffee it formed the perfect breakfast for this hot and humid day in Shanghai. The coffee had a sweet taste to it, yet there was no sugar added but the natural sweetness from the coconut itself. Interesting taste, it took away most of the bitterness of the cold brew and might be also something for those of you who normally do not drink cold brews at all.


Nadine chose the Avocado toast and a Custard Bread Pudding afterwards. I tried both and they were absolutely delicious. While the bread pudding consisted for my personal taste of too much custard, the avocado bread (it was more of a thickly chopped dark rye farmer´s bread) was just amazing! Both coffees were absolutely tasty and the WiFi worked flawless.


A highly recommendable spot for all visitors and expats in Shanghai craving for some Western style breakfast in a lovely atmosphere or for a decent afternoon break.

12 Xiangyang Bei Lu
near Julu Lu

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