BOOM | The Future of Supersonic Air Travel

Wouldn´t it be cool to finally be able again to fly from London to New York in under 3 1/2 hours? Considering that it is 2017, I think it is actually pretty lame that today´s planes need at least double the time for a transatlantic crossing. One way. Not speaking of the death of exclusivity that was buried with the laying-up of supersonic air travel after Concorde was taken out of service back in 2003. But there are good news! Boom Technology from Denver, Colorado is aiming to bring long-lost memories back into the air.

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While raising fuel prices and outdated technology finally cut Concorde´s throat back in the early 2000´s, since its founding in 2014, Boom Technology´s main goal was to invent an economical and affordable way to bring supersonic air travel back to the skies. Three years later, in 2017, the prototype was already presented at the Paris Air Show. Aiming to complete first test flights by the end of the year.

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Laid out for a maximum of 55 passengers, the jet is expected to travel at Mach 2.2 over a distance of 4,500 nautical miles. This would enable airlines such as British Airways or Virgin Atlantic to offer a double-daily London to New York rotation with one single aircraft. With a seat selling at roughly 5,000 USD for the roundtrip.

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While adventurer and airline tycoon Sir Richard Branson has officially committed options for his lifestyle airline Virgin Atlantic and his space subsidiary Virgin Galactic, Boom´s recent 51 orders collected at the Paris Air Show 2017 remain secret. It is rumored that altogether five renowned European and international airlines have signed a memorandum of understanding.

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While airlines such as British Airways or Air France are, in my opinion, more or less poised to revive their era of supersonic services, other industry giants like Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Emirates or Qantas may surely profit from an invention like this for their premium travelers. But this is only my imagination playing.

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Regardless of this, if everything goes as planned the Boom jet could enter service in 2023, offering passengers a premium air travel experience in an intimate and exclusive environment. Boom has worked together with Australian design agency Katapultdesign to create an aesthetic all business class cabin with options for lie-flat seating.

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And as we currently see a definite shift from larger aircrafts on transfer connections to smaller planes flying nonstop routes from secondary airports, Boom definitely has waited for the right moment to place its vision.

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And even if the jet was to remain within the business aviation sector, one thing remains absolutely clear: The age for supersonic air travel is now! Time has never been more precious. If I had a fortune, I would surely invest into this idea. And if it made it´s way to my employer airline, I would be more than honored to fly the skies at Mach 2.2. Pretty sure that champagne has never tasted better above the clouds.

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