Munich | Church Chic – Theatinerkirche

She definitely is one of Munich´s most beautiful churches, inside and outside, but it was not before this year that I laid foot into Theatinerkirche (Theatine Church of St. Cajetan) for the very first time. 

IMG_7488 (1)

Just like the famous Frauenkirche, Theatinerkirche seems to be the site of permanent exterior constructions which lets the impressive baroque construction hide mostly during the year behind scaffolds.


She was built in-between 1663 and 1690 as a gesture of gratefulness to the birth of the heir of the back then ruler family of the House of Savoy.


Her opulent architecture and the bright yellow facade make her a famous and often photographed part of the Munich skyline and cityscape.


She was designed by Italian architect Enrico Zuccalli in high-Baroque style. The two 66 meters high towers were actually not included in the original design, yet were added in the final phase of the construction.


The Rococo facade was added in 1768 and helped Theatinerkirche to be regarded as a well-known symbol for the city. The entire structure was to be a high influence for future Southern German Baroque architecture.


One of the most impressive characteristics in the inside is, of course, the huge dome above the high altar.


It measures over 71 meters from the floor to the top of it and allows beautiful light reflections in the inside when the sun stays high in the sky.


With its prime location right at Odeonsplatz, Theatinerkirche is a wonderful place to escape for a short peace and quiet from the busy downtown city center.


It was a perfect Spring day when I took the pictures, which created a very mystical and mysterious atmosphere.


The church was partly destroyed during the World War 2 bomb raids, but restorations began shortly after the war had ended.


Even though the original altar had been wrecked, Theatinerkirche had received an extensive restoration program which still continues in these modern times.


I personally like the tonal contrast between the white decor of the interior and the very few mural paintings around, as well as the few golden details. This makes them even more noticeable.


An outstanding piece of art that is absolutely worth a visit. At any time!




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