Please Vote for Me! | Blog Award Nominee

Today I am reaching out to all of you to ask you for a huge favor! When I first started HideousJourneys in February 2015, I had never expected that it could possibly be nominated one day as one of the best travel blogs in my hometown Munich. How cool is that? While to some people, travel is a hobby or a favorable pass-time to escape their everyday lives, to me it is the essence of my being. If I cannot travel, I am not happy. And it is funny, because you might think that my nomadic life as a flight attendant would already cover that wanderlust spark inside me. No way!


In times like these that are filled with political and economical instabilities, with terror threads and injustice, I believe that going out into the world with open arms and open eyes is a vital part that makes travel the most important bridge between the people. Of all nations, all colors and all beliefs.


By writing about my journeys, I know that I am able to reach people like me all around the world. YOU! That share the same passion for adventure, for exploration and for the unspeakable beauty that our planet, our all home, has to offer. And that living on it and sharing it together is hard work, but worth it every second. To preserve our world for the future generations.

HideousJourneys aims to activate your own nomadic genes. Wherever these may lead you, I hope I am able to spark your very own personal wanderlust to experience the world the way you want to see it. And I hope, I am succeeding!


So if you like my blog or if you have been inspired by any of my posts, may I please ask you for your support. This is very important to me! If you could spare a moment of your time and vote for my blog, it takes only 10 seconds and would really mean a lot to me!!!!

To vote, simply click on this link

Scroll down to the letter H, mark the blank space in front of HideousJourneys and scroll down again to hit the blue VOTE button. It is only one click for you, but it could help me to evolve the blog even further. Deadline is May 15, 2017!


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! And cheers to all the exciting journeys that are coming up this year…

Thank you so much! Vielen Dank! Merci beaucoup! Molte Grazie! Tak! Muchas Gracias! Arrigato gozaimas-ta! (I could add more languages by using the translator, but I thought it would be more authentic to remain with the languages that I actually know the saying for thank you for :))…


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