Prague | Emporio Apartments

We all know how expensive weekend getaways can be. Hotel, transportation, dining out, sightseeing, shopping, etc. What at first looks like a great deal adds easily up to as much as you would spend during a whole week on vacation. This is why I had set myself a strict budget for my latest weekend city trip to Prague in March. But does budget always necessarily mean that you will have to compromise on comfort and location? Not really as I found out with Emporio Prague Apartments.


Located just off the limits of Prague´s historic downtown area, Prague 1, the hotel was a perfect starting point for extensive walks around one of the most beautiful city centers in the world. With the tram station Dlouhá třída just around the corner, it is perfectly reachable from the main station by lines 15 and 26.


I actually made the reservation over the apartment house´s own website this time, paying 60€ per night for the Superior Room which I settled online with the credit card. Booking portals like Trivago, or Expedia would have cost the same, but in this case I rather wanted the hotel to keep the commission. Before departure, I received a personalized welcome email with helpful information about Prague and an offer for an airport transfer, as well as a thank you for booking Emporio.


This felt like a nice, personal touch and made me feel welcome right from the beginning. A reply of mine was answered shortly again and check-in times were finalized with my estimated arrival time. The Superior Room was just the perfect choice for this two nights stay.


It was actually rather a small apartment than a room, consisting of a bedroom with a large double bed, a small hallway, a second room with a sleeping couch, a little desk and the kitchenette, and the neat bathroom with shower. It measured around 40 square meters and therefore offered lots of space to unwind in.


The decor was a little seventies style, but altogether a quite pleasant and comfortable ambiance to reside in while diving into the cultural heritage of Prague. It was clean and well-kept, the beds were made and the towels were changed on a daily base. In the end, most of the services were available that a normal hotel would have offered, except room service.


The room was very quiet! I had asked for this in my email and my wish was granted. Both room´s windows could be opened to allow fresh air inside. This was particularly helpful in the morning when I prepared breakfast with freshly cooked omelette on the small portable stove that was located inside the closet in the second room.


Two small bottles of water and a little local candy were provided as a welcome gift. WiFi was already included in the room rate, as was hair and body shampoo in the bathroom.


The premise is a non-smoking environment and there is a quiet hour in between 10pm and 7am, which I found very comforting. As Prague is a typical bachelor party destination (just like Barcelona), it can get quite loud depending on where you stay. Especially if you stay on a budget.


Breakfast was not included in the rate. But eating out was not very expensive in Prague either (if you stayed off the historic part with lots of touristic restaurants). The area, that Emporio Prague Apartments is located in, offered lots of restaurants and cafés to turn to. So no need to be afraid to stay hungry. And, if you wanted to, you could also make your own breakfast like I did. There were several supermarkets and convenient stores in close reach to go grocery shopping. Very convenient!


The kitchenette was not really a kitchen, but it offered everything you needed if you wanted to provide yourself with a basic meal. There was a microwave, a small stove, a coffee/tea maker, a large fridge as well as plates, glasses and cups, sauce pans and cooking pots as well as one socket with salt, one with pepper, one with sugar and a dispenser containing dish soap.


To put it into one sentence: Emporio Prague Apartments offered just a perfect price-performance without needing to compromise on comfort and location. Most sights were in close walking distance and having the tram station around the corner, you can easily make use of the extensive public transportation system that Prague offers to get around. Service and assistance during the stay was absolutely friendly and comforting and it was never a big deal to retreat spontaneously back to the hotel whenever my feet got tired during the day for a little rest.


Of course, it is not a luxury hotel. But for the price I payed, I felt that I could not have gotten a better value in terms of cleanliness and convenience. I would definitely stay here again and can highly recommend this place for your perfect budget Prague experience!

Emporio Prague Apartments
Soukenická 6, Praha 1
(+420) 605 010 805

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