Lufthansa A340-600 Business Class | Seoul – Munich

There are three places on earth where champagne tastes the best: Curled up on my couch, on the seven seas and in the air. Returning from my latest city adventure in Seoul, I was more than lucky to conclude the journey once again in style aboard Lufthansa´s Airbus A340-600.


As the flight was not fully booked, I opted for my favourite location on the Airbus A340-600: Row Seven. Since I normally prefer to sit next to the aisle (so I can get up as I please without having to disturb my seat neighbour), this time I decided to locate myself next to the window (7A). The seat next to me was to stay empty, so I could actually spread out on the entire seat pair. What a true luxury.


As it is the beginning of March, I was truly looking forward to the new menu and wine list. Lufthansa changes its onboard food and beverage offering every two months, always beginning with the January/February pair. By the way, did you know that you can inform yourself about the menu awaiting on your next flight on the LH website?


While the menu on all flights departing Germany is created by internationally renown chefs, Lufthansa teams up in some regions with local top chefs to create a regional taste concept that aims to make guests from these areas feel right at home. At the same time, this also adds to a more diverse and authentic gastronomical experience for all passengers on board.

One thing that the German airline has always been well-known for is its carefully selected wine list. No other than sommelier Markus del Monego, one of the few Masters of Wine worldwide, searches constantly for the best corresponding wines around the globe. Each year between 30 to 35 invitations are sent out for vineyards to bid, but del Monego´s choices are solely based upon quality features rather than a strong name or label.


I have seen many wines come and go during my work in the premium classes over the last 18 years, and there have been some good, a few rather disappointing and a majority of excellent ones. But when I glanced over the March/April assortment, it was clear at first sight that this variety was one of the most exclusive ones that Lufthansa had ever on offer in the Business Class cabin.


For the appetizer, I decided for the Baked Salmon in Pine Nut and Caper Dressing with Celeriac and Red Onion Salad. The salmon was perfectly tender and juicy while the salad had a surprisingly mild taste. For my liking, the pine nuts could have been a little bit more crunchy, yet altogether it was a light and delicious starter. As a companion, I thought the 2012 “Serpico” Aglianico from Feudi di San Gregorio, Italy would be nice. You know how many people say that drinking red wine with white meat or fish was a no-go. Well, to my liking this Campanian beauty with its vigorous taste and intense fruit was just the perfect company. If you enjoy fine wines like Negroamaro or Amarone, you will definitely fall for this one!


To pay tribute to the beautiful stay in Korea, I decided for the country´s national dish, Bibimbap. This meal can either be enjoyed with warm components or simply with hot rice and cold sides. Aboard Lufthansa it is served in the second manner. It comes on a tray accompanied by a seaweed soup (tastes a little bit, but only a little bit like a Miso soup), Kimchi (fermented cabbage), hot pepper paste, pickled cabbage and cooked and sliced beef with garlic and green chilis. To enjoy Bibimbap, you simply pour the rice into the large bowl, add some sesame oil and the hot pepper paste and then finish it up with the additional beef. Then you stir the bowl until all ingredients are well blended. Hmmmmmmm. And with another glass of the Italian red, just a perfect combination.


As I do not like coffee in any kind of desserts or chocolates, I skipped the Cappuccino Cake with Mixed Berry Compote and opted for the selection of cheeses instead. Camembert, Cheddar and Blue Cheese were served with premium crackers from Carr´s and I enjoyed a glass of the French Médoc, a 2012 Château Pérenne, Premières Côtes de Blaye. Main grape of this cuvée is  Merlot completed with Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. It is powerful yet dry and therefore a great company to the aromatic cheeses and the little Salad with Grilled Vegetables that I forgot to have together with the main course.


Stuffed and contented, I devoted myself to the extensive range of movies. This month´s selection truly pampers with lots and lots of the latest blockbusters that have just recently arrived to theaters. I started with Disney´s newest adventure Moana, followed by Amy Adam´s fantastic performance in the extraterrestrial suspense movie Arrival. Great movie with an ending I absolutely did not expect.


I slept for almost four hours before it was time for a little refreshment before our arrival into Munich. The meal consisted  of a cold starter consisting of two Grilled Scallops, two rolls of Black Forest Ham, a large piece of Gruyère Cheese, a pickle and half of a dried tomato. As main I opted for the Chicken Breast poached in a fragrant Coconut Broth with buttered Rice, Pumpkin and red Pepper. I skipped the bread as well as the rice so I could indulge in the Macadamia Cheese Cake, which was the highlight of the meal. Along with the zippy German 2015 Kiedericher Riesling by world-famous winery Robert Weil a refreshing choice.


And so this 11 hours and 30 minutes flight soon came to an end. I did not even have time to finish Natalie Portman´s outrageously impressive performance in Jackie, so much about time flies! And if my stay on board would not already had been fantastic, our approach into my home base Munich was concluded by a panoramic flyby Munich airport with a clear view onto the beautiful Alps in the background.


There is nothing like a refreshed and revitalized arrival after a long-distance flight that lasted almost half a day. And with a last glass of the beautifully crisp Piper-Heidsick champagne, my premium travel experience finally came to an end. Cheers.


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