Munich | Church Chic – St. Ludwig

Religion is one of these things that I consider to be more or less interpretational. While I would call myself rather spiritual than being part of a certain confession, there is one thing I simply love about Christianity: And that is the beauty and diversity of its churches in particular. My hometown Munich holds many different styles and varieties of places of worship which I would like to introduce to you one by one in the series “Church Chic” over the next couple of months, one church a week. And today, I would like to start with one of my personal favourites: Ludwigskirche aka St. Ludwig/St. Louis.img_8313-kopie

St. Ludwig lies prominently at one of Munich´s busiest streets, Leopoldstrasse, and belongs to the renowned Ludwig-Maximilian University (LMU). It is easily reachable by metro (Universität / University station) and its two towers and the colorful and beautifully arranged roof of the transept make it an eyecatcher even from the viewing point at English Garden.


The church was built in Neo-Romanesque style and inherits the second largest altar fresco in the world. It shows the “Last Judgment” and measures 62 feet in heigth and 38 feet in width and can be called one of the most impressive mural works in modern times.


St. Ludwig also features extensive artworks on the ceilings and the sidewalls of the building and makes it therefor a definite highlight for me to visit on a regular base. The moment you step inside the tremendous transept, you feel like you step into another world. While outside, the hustle and bustle of students rushing from one building to the other and the traffic occupy all your senses, there is nothing but silence that awaits behind the immense wooden doors.


A place of refuge and the perfect surrounding to enjoy the marvelous artworks that are on display.


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