Koningsdam | 10 Days Southern Caribbean – Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

Grand Turk is the largest of the Turks Islands and  well-known for shopping bargains, world-class diving and Eco adventures.


You can see it from the top deck of your cruise ship, the water around the Turks and Caicos Islands is so clear that this can only be a perfect spot for underwater exploration. The reef around the island drops to 8,000 feet and during whalewatching season, large amounts of humpback whales can even be watched from the shores passing by.


Right off the pier lies the Grand Turk Cruise Center with lots of shops, beaches, a little museum and the famous drinking hotspot Margaritaville, if you choose to booze away your day in the sun with Spring Break atmosphere.


As mentioned, the waters are a bliss to dive into. The most convenient beach, of course, is the one right off the port´s pier. Yet to enjoy this is highly dependent on how many and which ships are in port the day you are.


The view is amazing though and a walk along the beach is a must for every ship addict.


And even though are lots of little bars and snack places right in between, not the type of beach that I enjoy lying at. Particularly after the most wonderful day before in Half Moon Cay were we literally had parts of the beach to ourselves.


Like mentioned in my last blog post about Grand Turk, the previous time we just settled on the other side of the port, but the preceding hurricane had washed away large amounts of sand. Leaving only a small and pretty much soiled strip of beach (as of November 2016).


So we took a little walk over the island which was not the best idea though since we did not wear the proper footwear. And as Margaritavilla was no option to hang out either, we did return to the ship with a little low-spirited mood.


From the ship, we recognized that there were way more secluded beaches a little further up the shore. So next time we land in Grand Turk, this is where we will be heading to. But no heard feelings! Again a reason to come back.


In addition, I have to admit that for this cruise I was badly prepared in terms of pre-cruise shore excursion arrangements and planning as I was very short on time. There are fun tours to consider like the National Museum´s guided walking and riding bird trail tour or a private visit to the botanical garden.


Other large operators offering a wide array of tours (kayaking, snorkeling, horseback riding or stingray encounters, just to name a few) are Oasis Divers, Chukka or Papa J´s. I know I would love to do the bird trail or the kayaking next time!

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