MS Koningsdam – Holland America Line | Greenhouse Spa & Salon Photo Tour

Every cruise line has its signature wellness retreat. On Holland America it is called the Greenhouse Spa & Salon. Take a photo tour of the new thermal suite exclusively available on the line´s newest vessel MS Koningsdam.


Situated on Deck 9 and 10 forward, the Greenhouse Spa & Salon lies adjacent to the onboard fitness center and offers a wide variety of beauty and salon treatments for males and females. Changing rooms are separated by gender and are equipped with lockers, showers and a Finnish sauna with panoramic sea views (no charge).


The Relaxation Room is intended as a designated waiting area for passengers who have booked a treatment or seek some additional rest afterwards.


Access to the ship´s Thermal Suite is by key card (if cruising in one of the Spa cabins or suites). Day passes or access for the entire cruise can be either purchased in advance or at the spa directly. There was a 349 US-Dollars onboard offer for a couple for unlimited usage which I personally found a little bit overpriced though.


The Relaxation Lounge is elegantly designed and offers 11 heated stone loungers. Wooden tables in between allow you to comfortably put down personal items or glasses of cold water or fruit tea that are provided from dispensers.


Floor-to-ceiling windows provide amazing vistas onto the ocean, crystal artworks sparkle in the setting sun.


The lighting concept creates a cosy and relaxing ambiance. The heated loungers are comfortable and not too warm.


Three loungers are particularly intended for passengers who would like to read a book while using the thermal suite. This area should always be the quietest part of a spa. Unfortunately, on Koningsdam one of the entrances opens right into the relaxation lounge what can create a little hustle and bustle.


One of my favourite spots inside the Greenhouse Spa is this heated stone bench with integrated rain shower. After laying on it, you can individually activate three different zones for full or partly body rain showers and set a preferred temperature. Great feature!


There is an Infrared Sauna available which was actually not functioning during our sailing in November 2016.


The Aromatherapy Sauna seats roundabout five to six people and seems a little small for my personal taste. It was out of service during the cruise as there were some electrical irregularities as we were informed by the Spa staff. The captain had ordered it to be deactivated. I hope it is back in service now.


Ready for your ice-bucket challenge? You can choose between pure refreshment or a simple shower in between.


This is the entrance to the Steam Sauna. I would have loved to provide you with a picture from the inside (as it is the only sauna with ocean view), but the steam was too dense and too hot in order to get a decent photo. The design and lighting are comparable though to this shot.


Adjacent to the Relaxation Lounge lies the Hydrotherapy Pool.


It is built inside a rotunda surrounded by comfortable loungers and sofas. There is no direct ocean view, yet the floor-to-ceiling windows allow daylight through the frosted surfaces. I know it is a matter of taste, but seeing people walk by all the time makes me feel like suffering lack of privacy.


At the touch of a button you can activate the whirlpool function as well as the water fountains for massage functions. Normally, the pool also features a rain shower from the top. This was not operating when we used the spa.


The spacious mood light shower offers three different kinds (and temperatures) of pre-set shower programs. If the hydrotherapy pool is busy, you may encounter waiting lines in front of the shower.


It is a beautiful spa with great, minimalistic design offering highlights such as an enormous hydrotherapy pool, the lie-flat bench shower or the nicely done relaxation area. Yet I did miss more direct ocean views from the saunas themselves and a more secluded layout to avoid disturbances from arriving or departing users. Regarding two of the saunas not properly working at the time we were onboard, I found the overall price for the unlimited use unreasonable. Apart from that, at certain times of the day definitely a great way to retreat and to pamper yourself.


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