Miami | MDD – Miami Design District

Another sightseeing highlight of Miami that still a lot of travelers are not aware of when visiting Florida´s stylo destination is the Miami Design District. Miami is so much more than simply South Beach and Sea World, Miami is a distinguished social and cultural melting pot that has so much inspiration to offer.

Miami is the City of Art in the United States. MDD has lots of works at display

The MDD is located within the Buena Vista neighbourhood south of Little Haiti between US27 and North 43rd Street and West 1st Avenue and Biscayne Boulevard. It used to be an area of low-rise warehouses that have been converted over the years into a an exclusive and luxury retail shopping district with high-end art galleries, restaurants and cafés.

Dive into luxury at MDD

Particularly on weekends, this extravagant location seems from another world as most people who you will run into are security guards and fashion bloggers from around the world. Otherwise, you will feel deserted like on a different planet.


Brands like Tiffany, Tom Ford, Prada, Hublot, Louboutin, Gucci, Tori Burch and others all have their own branches here (just to name a few).


This is a place that is worth visiting even if you are traveling on a low-budget. There are lots of wonderful selfie spots and outstanding backgrounds if you are looking for extraordinary photos for your Facebook or Instagram profile.


Or you simply enjoy shopping at your favourite brand without the at times tasteless offering that Miami Beach produces for the crowds.


Best place to park you car is at the MDD parking lot. Check out the Shops at Midtown Miami for great deals and enjoy the Latin American vibes of all the restaurants and bars in the Wynwood neighbourhood. Check out my photo gallery and visit the Miami Design District on your next Southern Florida trip. I loved it and so will you!


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