Miami | Rioja Grille – A Dinner Delicious

If you had told me that I was to find an absolute dinner treat while being stuck at the DoubleTree by Hilton Miami Airport & Convention Center for a two nights due to our airline´s strike, I would have called you crazy! Well, would have.Located right around the corner from the busy Miami gateway, Rioja Grille is the hotel´s main dinner restaurant. While the interiors themselves could use a little makeover in terms of style, the meals and service on the other hand have been absolutely uplifting.

Rioja Grille serves a three course dinner package special for couples including a bottle of wine for only 69 US-Dollars for both (as of November 2016)! What on earth can you expect in Miami for a price like this you may think. And so did I. And boy was I flashed.

We went almost through the entire menu, trying each night something different. And without any doubt, the taste, the quality and the look of the dishes were all way above average and surpassed our (admittedly) curious expectations by far.

Unfortunately, I have only pictures from the second night that we went.

But wherever it was the Rioja House Salad, the Ceviche or the Fried Calamari as a starter. There was absolutely nothing to complain about.

The meats were grilled to one´s preference, the lobster tail was perfectly succulent and crisp, the vegetables fresh and right on point. All dishes were apparently prepared made-to-order and were served by the chef himself. Seriously and without overacting, you won´t get a better three course dinner in Miami for a price like this!

Finish up with the Flan in Caramel Sauce or try to conquer the almost obscenely delicious and rich Cookie Bread Pudding in Grand Marnier Sauce

Try Rioja Grille yourself! It is well worth taking the drive into account if you are tired of overpaying in those Miami Beach restaurants. Yum!

Rioja House Salad – mixed greens, candied walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, dried cranberries, cherry tomatoes and orange cognac dressing
Center Cut Bone in Pork Chop – Hmmmmmmm
The flan was velvety smooth and creamy.
A bottle of wine of your choice and a three course dinner for as low as 69 US-Dollars. I normally pay this for myself.
The Rioja Grille menu as of November 2016. Visit soon! No one knows how long this will last…

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