Chicago | Chicago Hilton

This Chicago landmark may only be the third largest hotel in the Windy City when it comes to the number of guest rooms, but it surely is a one-of-a-kind location as it has already hosted every single US President since its opening in 1927.

Glowing red bricked exteriors in the early morning sun

In other words: If you´re looking for a popular brand to stay at in Chicago, the Hilton may absolutely be a considerable choice for a memorable trip to the Midwest.


And not only speaking of the impressive interior design that´s absolutely pampering the eye once you´ve laid foot into the gorgeous lobby facing Michigan Avenue.


The Chicago Hilton looks back onto quite a moving history. Built as Stevens Hotel in 1927 (the largest hotel in the world at that time), the premise went through the Great Depression and was converted into barracks and classrooms by the US Army during WW II.

Hilton Chicago
720 S Michigan Ave, Chicago IL 60605
+1 312 922 4400


These days, it is one of the Hilton brand´s most prestigious landmarks on the North American continent. And even though the modern styled guest rooms may interfere a little bit with the classic decor of the remaining construction, once you´ve walked the glamorous hallways into the almost kitschy ballroom you will oversee all of this.







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