Chicago | Imperial Lamian

Get ready for the ultimate Dim Sum experience in Chicago. A Brunch, Lunch and Dinner beautiful!


It was an early rise for me this morning in Chicago. The Windy City presented itself so much better than only two weeks ago, when the skies were grey in grey and rain was pouring down the whole day. Starting out bright and sunny, I had to get my jet lagged body out of bed in order to get the most out of this beautiful morning. Who knew how long this would last?


The great location of the hotel next to Millennium Park marks a fantastic starting point for a decent stroll through downtown to catch a few architectural snapshots of the ever impressive cityscape that Chicago has to offer.


And while you shall never stop exploring, no matter how many times you have been to a place, I made my personal discovery of the day just by chance: The Imperial Lamian Chinese restaurant.


Located centrally  in the River North neighbourhood just a few blocks away from the imposing Trump Tower, it was the excentric interiors that caught my eyes´ attention when looking around for snapshot possibilities.


Being around for a little over nine months now, Imperial Lamian focuses on traditional Chinese hand-pulled Lamian noodles, freshly made dim sum and wok-fired entrées. Since the place won´t open before 11:30 am on weekdays and at 10 am on weekends, there was enough time for a little window shopping on Michigan Avenue before heading back for a delicious Chinese style breakfast.

There are not too many alcohol free drinks available from the menu, but try the Blackberry Jasmine Ice Tea

I was so eager to try out this spot that instantly reminded me of an amazing dim sum breakfast I once had in Montréal a few years ago (read about it here).


And it is well worth it! The dim sum are prepared freshly in the open kitchen and are delivered in neat forms and designs. While some of them could be seasoned a little bit more intensely (at least for my taste), they all convinced with hearty fillings and artistic presentations.

The Mushroom Bao dim sum come in a mushroom shaped steamed bun and contain Shiitake and Truffle oil
Sezchuan Wonton filled with pork and served with chili, sesame oil and black vinegar
Zhao Ji, Shanghai Pork Dumblings, underneath a crisp roof with hot sauce
Pumpkin Puffs are made of Roasted Duck and Butternut Squash and are served as cute little pumpkins

Service was flawless and absolutely welcoming and did cushion a little bit the check. Imperial Lamian is a great place to enjoy a Chinese style breakfast when craving for one, but you will have to plan for at least 50 US-Dollars per Person in order to feel satisfied.


Imperial Lamian

6 West Hubbard
Chicago, IL 60654
312 – 595 9440

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