Project EDGE | Celebrity plays the Copyright Card

With a whole new approach to their Modern Luxury branding and two new ships on order to revolutionize the upscale big ship cruising market from 2018 on, Celebrity Cruises moves closer and closer to the center of attention. Not much has yet been revealed nor confirmed by Celebrity publicly about the new class of ships. And while everyone, including me, is eager to find out what EDGE will actually look like outside and inside, much speculation about possible design concepts is thriving in online forums and cruise blogs around the world. Including mine.

With  less than two years until EDGE´s launch, major design and construction ideas should be more or less in the final line by now, making it highly important for Celebrity Cruises to keep these under lock for as long as possible. Understandably, competition is rough and in times of daily internet disclosures, possible copyright breaches or infringement upon intellectual property, a highly important step to keep the lead and the control in this matter.

My previous articles about Project EDGE, particularly the photo material that I had found legally while researching the internet, had obviously caused displeasure at Celebrity Cruises.

Just recently I have received an urgent email by a Softroom Ltd. project manager, one of the design studios that had been commissioned by Celebrity to submit conception ideas for their next generation staterooms aboard the EDGE class, that asked me to “please immediately remove these images from my website” as their publication here on would be “a breach of Celebrity´s copyright and an infringement upon their intellectual property in these designs”.

It is also stated that the designs published on my website “were not the actual designs for Project Edge, but were designs prepared in connection with a competition“.

Interestingly, the email also makes very clear that Softroom Ltd. had “no involvement at this time” with Project EDGE… .

Whatever the reason behind this may be, being travel blogger and photographer I certainly will  comply with any legal copyright regulation. Therefor, all photo material concerning Softroom Ltd.´s design concepts concerning Project EDGE will no longer be featured on my website. This will, of course, affect your reader experience in my preceding article “Project EDGE | Taking Celebrity Cruises to new Heights?” which I highly regret.

This definitely heats up speculation again, wherever these images that I have been forced to foreclose may have displayed a pretty realistic insight in what we may experience onboard these new ships in terms of cabin interior design, or not.

Will Project EDGE pick up the highly controversial open space layout that Norwegian Cruise Line launched in its balcony staterooms onboard Norwegian Epic some time ago and will we be seeing an exclusive Celebrity SUITE CLASS ship-in-ship concept similar to the highly popular suite complex THE HAVEN by Norwegian or the MSC Yacht Club?

Project EDGE remains highly confidential. Just like you, I am thrilled of what will be rolling down the news highway over the next months in terms of Next Gen Modern Luxury.




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