Kalymnos | A Dodecanesian Getaway

img_2501Looking outside the window and seeing it rain throughout the entire day admittedly gives me a bad mood. Fall can be so beautiful and yes, rain is important for our planet, but it makes me just want to pack my suitcase and flee away from all this wet and grey nightmare outside. Considering the time of year and looking at possible sun blessed destinations in close reach from home, September would actually be the perfect time to pay visit back to Greece. So here I am on my couch, outside rain pouring with my mind wandering off to the beautiful island of Kalymnos that we visited in July during our Mediterranean cruise aboard MSY Wind Star.

The town of Mirties seen from MSY Wind Star

The island lies in the South Aegean in close reach of the Turkish border, western to Bodrum. It has an almost rectangular shape and belongs to the so-called Dodecanese. There is a small airport on Kalymnos and it is linked daily by a ferry service to Rhodes (2 to 5 hours).

Crystal clear water and pebble beaches. Kalymnos has it all

Kalymnos´ topography is mainly quite mountainous. Lovers of white sandy beaches may not necessarily find their heaven on earth here, but the island holds some beautiful pebble stone bays in stock and the rocky surface has evolved  as a popular year-round destination for rock-climbing and bouldering. Another big source of revenue is sponge diving. The Kalymnian gold as helped the island to become one of the wealthiest Greek islands and Kalymnos is often billed to as “Sponge-diver´s Island“.


MSY Wind Star had anchored right in front of Mirties on the Western shoreline of the island. We had spent the entire afternoon at the beach, feasting on the summer sun and only withdrew to the shadows of the trees for an ice-cold Greek frappe and a little snack.

Frappe, Greek salad and Greek yogurt with walnuts and honey

Later during the day, we took a little stroll up the mountain road for panoramic views over the island and the bay. Compared to other Greek islands, Kalymnos seems to have just an average amount of tourists visiting the island. Making it an ideal place if you seek an Aegean getaway away from the masses. Particularly June, September and October are fantastic months to enjoy Greece.

A great island for bouldering, rock-climbing and hiking

They are just off the main season when prices are reasonable, temperatures are bearable and you do not have to fight on the smaller islands for a place at an overcrowded beach.


I don´t know how you feel about it, but I could run off right away again! Feeling the gentle Aegean breeze on my skin, indulging in the fresh and light Mediterranean cuisine and enjoying those marvelous Greek sunsets which will leave you completely speechless. Oh Kalymnos, you got me. When will we see each other again?

Dinner with a view at Smuggler´s Restaurant on Kalymnos, Greece


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