Sofia | Drinks & Dinner deluxe

If you have not considered Sofia yet as a possible summer weekend getaway, please let me give you some advice: You should! The Bulgarian capital is a vibrant, bustling and emerging European hotspot that is looking into a bright touristic future.

Breaking free from its previous socialistic history, Sofia is unstoppably climbing up the ladder in terms of lifestyle and gastronomy. Along with the warm-hearted and open Bulgarian savoir-vivre, the city is a perfect destination for a weekend escape if you are looking for something different from Vienna, Prague or Budapest. I have two spots that you definitely do not want to miss when you chose

SENSE Rooftop Bar


You love amazing cocktails on warm summer nights underneath the stars while looking over the roofs of Sofia? Then Sense Rooftop Bar is the ideal location for you. Hip, trendy, stylish and with a talented Barkeeper, this rich and beautiful hotspot in the rather newly opened Sense Hotel will be your favourite location for an after work get-together or a luxurious warmup before hitting the clubs. Or you can make it your afternoon living room after a busy day of sightseeing (it is just thinly visited between 4 and 6 pm) and watch the sunset enlightening the domes of Aleksandar Nevski Cathedral like pure gold. There is an adjacent restaurant with an open built kitchen, but reservations are highly recommendable. The quality of the cocktails on offer is really good. All drinks are made with brand liqueurs and fresh ingredients. One cocktail that you must try (I forgot the name for Christ´s sake…) is made of Whiskey, Jalapeno chilis and lime juice. Loved it! Beware though, the little chilly inside the drink shall be left alone after you have finished! HOT!!! Prices are for Bulgarian conditions very expensive (cocktails start around 14 Lews > ca. 7 EUR)

Sense Rooftop & Gastro Bar
+359 (0)700 20670


La Casa


I know it might sound a little bit like holiday package tourist proposition if I speak out a Mediterranean dinner suggestion for Sofia rather than a local place offering contemporary Bulgarian delicacies. But La Casa is a such a lovely as well as romantic spot and the kitchen is simply exquisite. Most dishes are Italian inspired, but there are also hints to Arabian cuisine. Ingredients are flawlessly fresh. We had the Gazpacho which was perfectly creamy and very rich in taste. My Sea Bream from the BBQ Grill came with a crisp skin and succulent, hearty flesh inside and the fish was filleted for me. It was accompanied by grilled vegetables which were also on the point. Service is well-mannered yet (depending on the waiter) a little distant. The ambience is elegant yet not stiff and perfectly suited for a romantic dinner for two. Evenings are quite popular, particularly on the weekends, so make sure to make a reservation in advance! Upon arrival, do not be bewildered of the “Bodyguard” standing right at the entrance to the restaurant. La Casa is a popular hotspot for Bulgarian elite and quite expensive for Bulgarian standard. It was my first time to this restaurant after the suggestion of one of my co-workers and admittedly, I will go again. Maybe not next time since I always like to taste local stuff first, but definitely in the near future. Buon Appetito!

La Casa
45 Vasil Levski Blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria
+359 879 522 272

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