IndiGo A320 Economy Class | Delhi – Udaipur – Delhi

Flying within India is probably the most convenient way to get from A to B these days. It surely is the most comfortable one, especially if you are traveling on a tighter budget.

I have been going twice on Indian low-cost airlines within the last two years, and there is only positive feedback I can report to you.Having tried Spicejet in 2015 on the Delhi to Jaipur sector, this year IndiGo came up as the cheapest nonstop service at the lowest price.

Flights leaving from Terminal 1 are all apron positions.

The ticket was only 104 Euros for two persons on a return fare base in Economy Class.

This price included seat selection in the last rows of the aircraft, online check-in, one piece of hand luggage per person with a maximum weight of 7kgs and one piece of checked baggage allowance per person with a maximum weight of 15kgs. I had added a pre-ordered Vegetarian snack including a non-alcoholic beverage at the time of booking which was served on the flight in exchange to the voucher  added onto the printed boarding pass.

Boarding is conducted after with fixed seat numbers.

Departures and arrivals were on both sectors on the minute and the aircrafts (both Airbus A320s with approximately 180 seats) were spotless, clean with tight yet comfortably padded seating.

“Service” is provided at request. Meals, snacks and beverages are available at extra charge ranking from 80 to 450 Rupees, but to be quite honest, on a short flight like this one (1 hour 15 minutes) not really necessary.

Seating is dense but comfotably padded.

Most of IndiGo´s flights depart from Terminal 1 (some flights depart from the new Terminal 3 depending on the destination, so make sure to check the day before departure where you will have to check-in at!).

If you transfer to domestic Terminal 1 right after your arrival from an international flight (Terminal 3), there is a free of charge shuttle bus connecting the two terminals leaving outside the arrival area of Terminal 3. Note, you will still have to obtain an official “ticket” from a desk located at booth No 10 (indicated in large numerals on the columns). The shuttle (a red bus) operates every 20 to 30 minutes and tickets are checked during the ride. If you have a tight connection under one hour, I rather recommend to take a taxi as I felt the departure times of the bus be more or less dependable on the gusto of the driver.

The only thing that I personally found to be a little irritating concerning my flight experience with IndiGo was the massive amount of onboard announcements. Literally every 10 minutes an announcement was made. On a flight that departed Delhi at 5 am and not having slept on the previous international flight, this was the only issue minimizing the service experience.

Apart from that, I will definitely go on IndiGo again. Absolutely recommendable!

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