Udaipur | Udai Kothi Heritage House

When planning my trip to Udaipur, I was looking for an authentic place to stay. Something luxurious yet down to earth, not one of these finely crafted and splendidly furnished huge luxury temples of big brands.

The main building as seen from the street

Of course, I would not have mind to stay at the most beautiful Lake Palace (this is where the James Bond movie “Octopussy” was partly filmed), but 300 Euros per night were kind off blowing my budget and two nights were just not enough for me to justify this horrendous investment. So I browsed through many sites before I finally ended up with the Udai Kothi.


And this really is a boutique hotel gem! I have fallen in love right from the moment that we stepped into it. The warm and friendly welcome, the attention to detail in the interior fittings, the familiar atmosphere (only 64 rooms and suites) and the in the middle of it location while still being a secluded retreat.

Udai Kothi is run by Kunwar Vishwavijay and his wife Bhuwneshwari Kumari who also live on the hotel´s premises and who you will run into once in a while when wanderlusting the beautifully appointed yard. Their dachshund and the impressively sized basset hound are always happy about a good pet and are the mascots of Udai Kothi.

The staff was extremely caring during our stay while never being intrusive.

Royal entrance to our Mini Suite No 5

I had opted for a Junior Suite (No 5) in the annex across the yard with garden views. Of course the direct lake view would have been even more romantic (each room and suite feature a so-called jharokha (a patted window seat in an oriel), but this location turned out to be way more calm and tranquil. Since we were aiming for a little peace and quiet in-between sightseeing, this was the perfect decision.

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Udai Kothi is also the only hotel in old Udaipur with a real rooftop swimming pool. This is located along with the hotel´s restaurant and breakfast area on top of the main building. A superb place to relax and swim and to escape the hustle and bustle of the noisy streets.

There are plenty of restaurants and shops right outside the hotel´s entrance and it is only a stone´s throw away to the next bridge linking over to the other side where you can explore the Udaipur´s sights such as City Palace or Jagadish Temple (15 minutes).

The hotel´s restaurant as well as the rooftop of the building that our suite was in both offer amazing panoramic views onto the lake and the imposing structures of the palace and the temples. Drinking an ice-cold Kingfisher beer from the mini bar up here while watching the sunset is priceless!

For unsurpassed romance, Udai Kothi offers a sunset boat trip that can be booked at the reception at the price of 2500 Rupees pp (circa 33 EUR). The transfer from the hotel to the airport costs 1000 Rupees (for the car) and is of good use if you have an early morning departure.


If you plan to visit beautiful Udaipur (if you liked Jaipur, you WILL love Udaipur!), I highly recommend to stay at the Udai Kothi. And hopefully you will feel just as comfortable and well-cared for as I did here. I will come back! That´s for sure. Namaste

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