Riyadh | InterContinental Riyadh

Located round about 30 minutes from the international airport, the InterContinental Riyadh is located closely to the city´s business district and many governmental institutions. The property offers any amenity that the IHG´s luxury brand is famous for and even though the design and decor may appear a little outdated for the Western taste, InterContinental Riyadh has already set the course for the future by implementing renovations and refurbishment one at a time.

Always a good address

Like the newly opened fitness center and pool area just outside the building. State of the art equipment and luxurious wellness areas, strictly reserved for the males.


This is probably the biggest issue that one has to get used to. Traditional differences in culture and habits are strongly encouraged in Saudi Arabia and differ strongly from those already being deployed in Emirates such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Oman, in example.


In other words: If you are a male person, there are no closed doors.


For any female visitors, the hotel offers a free-of-charge abaya service. Concierge Majed knows everything that women  need to know when walking around in Riyadh. He is very helpful in any case and also assists with any sort of excursion idea you may have, regardless of your sex.


A big advantage of the hotel are its spacious rooms. Each one consists of a small entry area, an open bedroom with an adjacent hallway hosting the generous built-in closet and a small working area with a sofa and a desk.


The large bathrooms feature a combined shower tub, vanity desk and a large-scale sink area with fresh orchids.


Being a coffee addict, I certainly liked the espresso machine best with six capsules for personal use. I also tried the hot Arabian Mezze plate for dinner which was very tasteful and a great snack before flying back home late at night.


For detailed information about the hotel, visit InterContinental´s website.






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