Milos | Aphrodite´s darling

This little beauty lies around six to seven hours by ferry from Athens (Piraeus) and belongs to the Cyclades islands in the Southern Aegean region. I was actually an alternate port to our scheduled visit to Mykonos with Windstar Cruises´ “Wind Star”, where strong winds can make anchoring for smaller ships from time to time impossible. Luckily, we had visited the Greek hotspot already in May during a different cruise and even though we did enjoy the picturesque alleys of Mykonos Town a lot at that time, it was a more than welcome alternative!

All ships anchor in front of beautiful Adamas

Milos, also referred to as Melos, is world-famous for the discovery of the Venus of Milo. The original statue is displayed in the Louvre museum in Paris, France. The artwork is known in Greece as Aphrodite of Milos and is a masterpiece of Hellenic art. A copy is exhibited inside the small archeological museum on the island, for those interested.

Milos is well populated. Around 5,000 inhabitants live on the island year round with Milos, Adamas, Tripiti and Apollonia being the largest settlements.

Adamas is the gorgeous port town of the island. Take a moment and stroll through the small alleys up the hill and enjoy the beautiful view from the church onto the deep blue Aegean sea and the small islands surrounding Milos.

Picture perfect Greece from the top of Adamas

There is cute little shops and lovely cafés right next to the harbour where you can enjoy some delicious Greek yogurt with walnuts and honey and a Greek coffee. A nice place for that is Aggeliki Ice Cream Shop.

Writing postcards to home is more fun when the surroundings are right

Or you catch yourself a scooter or a car and explore the island on your own. Car rental offices are located right at the harbour as well, but it is highly suggested to place a reservation before your arrival to the island to avoid disappointment!

Local fishermen and tour operators also offer day excursions for snorkeling, beaching or simply cruising at several stands right at the harbour. We didn´t use any of them, but some spots of the islands can be reached best by boat as we learned.

Most spots on the island can also be reached by local bus or taxi. The bus stop is centrally located a little further than the ice cream shop on the right hand side and serves as taxi stand as well.

Ride the bus for some beach fun

Milos´ offers some truly amazing beaches. The most popular ones are called Sarakiniko, Papafragas, Kleftiko, Paliochori or Tsigrado.

Sarakiniko and Papafragas beach can easily be reached by bus. Fare is 1,80 EUR pp and is to be paid upon exiting the bus. We went to Papafragas beach, which in our opinion, is not that much of a recommendation. The actual beach area is very small and you need to climb down a quite steep and sharp cliff to reach it.

There is far more romantic places to hang out at if you just walk the road back a few hundred meters. You can enjoy a beautiful day in the sun while bathing in the crystal clear waters and have at the same time your little private enclave to share with only a few other people. That´s what we did and it was just fabulous!

If you decide to take the bus back to Adamas later during the day, board it on it´s opposite direction to Apollonia. If you decide to wait, chances are pretty high that you will have to stand the entire drive as the bus might already be full. On the other hand, you could also plan a little stay in this beautiful village with lots of cute restaurants right at the shoreline and then take the bus from Apollonia back to Adamas later.

Another spot, that might be very interesting to visit is the village Klima. This place features the so-called Syrmatas, a local construction built right at the shore to be of use as garage for boats and home to the fishermen. We didn´t get to make it there this time, but would love to go there for sure if we should come back to Milos during another cruise.

Great views of the island from the bus on the way back to Adamas

In direct comparison to Mykonos, Milos offers a far more authentic experience of Greece. It is not as trendy and hip, yet provides great insight into the casual and relaxed lifestyle and culture of the locals and their true hospitality!  It is at the same time no Tourist trap as we found the prices for food, souvenirs and shopping perfectly fine.

We are looking forward to see again sometimes, Milos!

View onto Adamas from Wind Star, shortly before sail away

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