Washington DC | Oyamel Cocina Mexicana

What´s the best place to quench your hunger after a long sightseeing walk and a visit to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in D.C.? Well, it surely is no burger joint or any of the cheap fast food chains. We´re looking here for something substantial with fresh ingredients, delicious taste and an appealing location. And all this at great prices. Curious?I was, too. I was on my feet for almost five hours and the maximum I managed to consume to this point was a delicious Café Latte obtained from the Pavilion Café beautifully located inside the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden.


Hunger struck me big time on the way back from the Capitol into downtown. I was planning for a little shopping spree, but spending money with an empty stomach is just as much fun as having to go to the bathroom without finding one.

So while I was walking down D Street NW and waiting at the red traffic light to cross the street, my eyes suddenly caught sight of this fun looking corner eatery with lots of colorful statues on display in the windows: Oyamel Cocina Mexicana.


The perfect match for my needs. Stylish interiors, extremely friendly staff, great food. BTW, if you have never been to this beautiful Central American country before or you may still think that Mexican cuisine is only about burritos or Tex-Mex cheese nachos, I urgently encourage you to try it out! There is something for every taste and it is perfectly suitable for vegetarians as well!


Oyamel Cocina Mexicana is not only a fantastic spot for a hearty snack for lunch, it surely is a social hotspots for high quality Margaritas and lots of delicious eats for a social dinner with friends or co-workers. The crowd is well mixed and the atmosphere is very relaxed.


Try one of the daily freshly made juices or lemonades if you want to go non-alcoholic. They are awesome! Like my Nectarine lemonade I had on this hot summer´s day. Not too sweet, perfectly quenchy and refreshingly bubbly.


As snack, I opted for the Quesadilla de Chicharrones (Pasture-raised Rock Hollow Farms pork belly fried until crisp and served in a house-made tortilla with, refried black beans, onions, Chihuahua cheese and a sauce of five chiles) and the Cayo Aquachile Papinos (Bay scallops with a sauce of cucumber, lime and Serrano, served with Fresno chiles, pickled red onions and mint).


Awesome! Serving sizes are well portioned and all dishes are also great to share with your friends. The ceviche is prepared made-to-order at the bar and the freshness of the scallops was superb! My quesadilla was to die for. The pork belly was fried out to perfection and added so well to the lightly crispy tortilla and the soft melted Chihuahua cheese. 3…. .


So don´t wait! Check out this hotspot next time you are in Washington. I assure you, I will do, too!

Oyamel – Cocina Mexicana

401 7th Street NW, Washington, DC 20004 | (202) 628-1005







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