Midsommar in Sweden | A Midsummer Night´s Dream

Everyone knows that Swedes like to have a good time. Anytime and anywhere. And they don´t necessarily need a reason to celebrate. But when it comes to Midsommar festivities, things really get serious.

But what exactly is Midsommar?


Scientifically, this time of year can be best described at the period of time centered upon the summer solstice. This can vary between the 19th and 25th of June and has a deeply rooted tradition within the Swedish culture.

Historically, it once began as a Christian holiday, the so-called feast day of St John the Baptist.

These days, Midsommar takes such an important place in Sweden´s way of life, that, in fact, the country is actually considering to replace its National Day of Sweden on June 6 with the celebrations (this video gives quite a funny overview on what to expect when traveling to Sweden for Midsommar).


Midsommar is something that you will have to experience and see yourself for at least once in your life! It is a highly colorful and social gathering that is pure joy to attend and that will broaden and widen your horizon and your appreciation of cultural differences and local traditions!

We were blessed to be invited to our first authentic Midsommar a few years ago after we met our most dearest Swedish friends at our dinner table during a Mediterranean cruise aboard MSC Splendida in January 2012. It was love at first sight and only a couple of months later we found ourselves sharing laughs, songs and skåls (cheers) during the family´s highly traditional celebrations for the very first time.


Spending three or four days right at the lake in an authentic Swedish cabin and enjoying the best possible company while feasting on the beauty of the Swedish outdoors and the delicious cuisine that Scandinavia has to offer, our explorer lust was sparked from the very first moment! It is such a joy to return year by year and be welcomed so warmly into a circle of new friends and learning so much about each other´s heritages, similarities and differences.

The images I am sharing with you from this year´s celebrations might underline how special this festivity is not only for the Swedes, but also how thankful we are for the friendships that we have found here and how privileged it feels to be part of something so special!


Tack för allt . Du är bäst! (Thank you for everything. You are the best!)

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