Munich | Cars crazy – BMW´s 100 masterpieces

If you love cars and you happen to pass my beautiful hometown Munich between now and September 30, 2017, you simply must pay visit to BMW´s special exhibition “100 Masterpieces – 100 Years of Innovativeness and Entrepreneurial Courage“.

Even if you have a longer transit at Munich Airport (4 to 6 hours), this could be a great way to fill the blank space between flights!

The exhibitions features some of the most popular cars and motorbikes built during the last centennial and takes you from the early years to present times, giving detailed insights into the company´s rich history and deeply rooted DNA.

Myself, being not the biggest BMW fan (I have to admit), was absolutely overwhelmed by the beautifully presented exposition. The open architecture of the BMW Museum itself is already worth a visit, yet showcasing all of these amazing technical artworks from 10 decades made me surrender to the vision and accomplishments that BMW has achieved within this relatively short period of time.

In my opinion, the 10 EUR admission fee is absolutely reasonable! Be aware that all sorts of backpacks or bags must be kept in lockers (1 EUR coin needed for deposit) before entering the show as all exhibits are being presented freely accessible. To ensure that everyone has the same  kind of up close experience, please respect that none of the exhibition pieces shall be touched. Don´t feel ashamed to speak up and remind others of this when seeing people not following this guideline.

For more info on the exhibition and the BMW Museum, visit their website. I am just going to leave you with some of my visual impressions from my spontaneous visit a week ago!










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