Montréal | Café Parvis – a Breakfast Beautiful

IMG_4388It is an awfully grey, chilly and rainy day here in Montréal and I should be well writing about my recent Mediterranean cruise to the Greek islands onboard Celebrity Equinox. Well, just the thoughts of the Aegean sun warming up my skin right now light up this miserable day instantly. But what´s more helpful at this moment is a decent breakfast to accelerate my inner power plant and to shed off all those shivers and negative thoughts that the misty grey outside causes inside me.

And so, just five minutes after leaving the hotel and making my way against the force winds outside (while realizing that the jacket I had packed was sooooo not appropriate for this kind of weather), I found myself sheltered inside the beautifully appointed Café Parvis.

Located across the street from St. James United Church and nestled between Rue St. Catherine and Avenue du Presidént-Kennedy, Café Parvis is a living room refuge for big city souls.


Cracked paint on the walls, subtle lighting and plants hanging from the ceiling give this space a comfortable and cosy atmosphere, just the perfect location to nestle in for a heartful breakfast on this grey and unfriendly day.

The menu for breakfast is minimalistic, but very tasteful. Breakfast sandwich of the day, fresh yogurt with granola, handmade Danish pastries, freshly squeezed juices. And that´s about it.

Orders are placed at the cashier and then brought to the table.


After an hour on the treadmill earlier that morning, my body was in urgent need of re-energizing. So I opted for the very hearty breakfast sandwich (a perfect French croissant filled with scrambled eggs, bacon and topped with melted cheese), the fresh yogurt with granola (must mention that this one was handmade and soooo different from those industry produced fat and sugar overloaded ones you can buy everywhere), a perfect 12 oz. Café au lait and a refreshing and most tasteful freshly squeezed cucumber watermelon juice. Delicious!

Service is very welcoming and extremely friendly. And for 25 CAD (round about 17 Euros / 20 USD) the quality was way above average.

A great spot not only on rainy days. During summer months, the large street-facing windows can be opened and there is a small terrace outside as well. The crowd is cool, yet rather fits the description „alternatively smart casual“. Absolutely recommendable.







Café Parvis

433 Rue Mayor, 514.764.3589, Montréal, Canada

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