Project EDGE | A short update on the cruise industry´s best kept secret

Just having returned from a beautiful Mediterranean cruise aboard Celebrity Equinox a few days ago (yes, there will be a blog post about this trip!), I could not miss out to gather any new information from the crew onboard concerning Celebrity Cruises´ well guarded secret Project EDGE.

Sadly, I had to find out that their knowledge was not much better than what I had been able to find out so far.

Solstice class was a level-raiser. Where will Edge be going?

But in the end, I could at least gather together a few more details about what we might expect in the very near future onboard the Next Generation of “Modern Luxury” cruise vessels.

As I have stated in my earlier blog post about Project EDGE, Celebrity Cruises is aiming to redefine the customer experience onboard the new class of ships by introducing a completely revised design concept.

While not being larger than the actual highly popular Solstice class fleet, Project EDGE will continue to focus on spacious interiors in a sleek and stylish environment. Celebrity Cruises´CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo stated earlier in an interview with TTG, that guests can expect “some of the same features, and some different ones. The ships will feel both familiar and different – people will say: ‘Wow, Celebrity did it again’.”

Much speculation on the exterior design. Will EDGE be heading into the Quantum direction or will we find similarities to Mein Schiff by TUI Cruises?

The first ship, Celebrity Edge, is scheduled to begin operation in late 2018. But other than confirmed before, I was revealed by one of the officers aboard the Equinox that the company secretly had placed another two orders with French shipyard STX. Bringing Project EDGE now to altogether four new vessels!

One thing that might be disappointing for a lot of you could be the fact that Celebrity Edge may not feature a main dining room at all. Apparently, this new class of ships is designed to feature up to 14 dining venues, all of them with a different theme and cuisine.

Up to five of them are rumored to be included in the cruise fare, the remaining may see speciality restaurant cover charges being applied. Celebrity Edge could also be the first vessel in the fleet to introduce a restaurant collaboration with an international Star Chef, just like mother company Royal Caribbean International has done earlier on its Quantum class ships.

Silk Harvest on Celebrity Equinox. What styles will EDGE have in stock?

Other than that, it will be  a thrill to see wherever Celebrity Cruises will continue one of my most favourite spots on board: The Lawn Club. And if they do, in what way this wellness enclave is going to be included in the exterior deck design.

There is much happening behind the scenes and I am sure you are as thrilled as I am what will be coming out in the end. It should only be a few more months before an official campaign starts and boy, I am very much looking forward to this!

Will keep you posted… Happy sailing!

Will there be a Lawn Club aboard Celebrity Edge?

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