Mexico City | Dinner & Drinks in Polanco

I wish we just had more time to spend trying out all of those amazingly cute and vibrant restaurants that Mexico City has to offer, but with every day packed with fun stuff, we decided to keep our dinner locations (as well as breakfast) in walking distance to the hotel.

So whenever the jet lag coma devil would hit without advance notice, it would only be a short walk back to the comfort of our room. And more important, the comfort of the heavenly bed.

But not the worst thing, since the area that we stayed in belongs to one of Mexico City´s most exclusive residential areas: Polanco.


Right off of Chapultepec Park, Polanco bribes with beautiful streets, gorgeous mansions with opulent architecture and lots and lots of cafés, bars and restaurants.

It is the hotspot for dining and nightlife. So no wonder that Polanco is also frequented by the rich and beautiful and those who would like to be.

It is also one of the safest neighbourhoods at night. So this makes it very easy and comfortable to walk from one location to the next one and not having to drive!

So come along, let me show you my personal hotspots for dinner and drinks!

Licorería Limantour

Letzter Import – 070

We actually ended up in this very, very recommendable bar by happenstance when we cruised through the streets of Polanco in search of a suitable restaurant on arrivals day. It can be quite difficult with me when being jet lagged to get me to agree on certain places. So after I had declined a couple of suggestions from my partner, it was up to me to find a spot.


And there we went. Very relaxed lighting. Great minimalistic style. Cool yet relaxed crowd and free seats right at the bar. Perfect! As I found out later, Licorería Limantour belongs to the 50 best cocktail bars worldwide, actually ranking No. 20 in 2016! And let me tell you, the drinks are simply amazing! Our female bartender gave us a quick insight into the menu and then went off preparing our choices for round one: The Anti Jet Lag, a mix of rum, chachaca, kiwi and Pernod, and a Ferry Trace (Whiskey, lime and calvados).


Super! Since we felt so comfortable with this place, we stayed for another round. As we hadn´t been too hungry that particular evening, we decided for the large appetizer plate for two. These little bites were delicious and just the right size of what we needed. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the names of the drinks that our bartender fixed next for us. These weren´t part of the menu, but had been mixed individually for each one of us.


Depending on our personal tastes! Let me tell you, I have been to many cocktail bars around the world, but Licorería Limantour has put me under spell in terms of service, professionalism, heartiness, taste, quality and spirit. I cannot wait to have my next drink there when back in Mexico City!

Tel: 5280-1299

Oscar Wilde #9 Polanco C.P. 11560

Monday: 5pm – 11pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: 5pm – 2:00am
Thursday & Friday: 4:30pm – 2:00am
Saturday: 2pm – 1:30am
Sunday: 2pm – 11pm

Surtidora Don Batiz

Letzter Import – 116

If you like to dine traditional Mexican style without upscale attire but in an authentic, colorful and very casual way, this restaurant is the perfect choice. I love sitting at the tables outside and watch the people pass by.  The food is great and so are the frozen margaritas (dang, if there wasn´t that brain freeze all the time…). It can get a little loud in the evenings as Surtidora Don Batiz is as popular place to meet friends and family, so maybe not the right choice if you´re looking for a romantic hideaway. It´s perfect when being social though and the service is extremely welcoming! Speaking only a few words of Spanish (I speak French and my partner Italian), the waitress was tremendously supportive in trying to understand our orders that we aimed to place by using hands, feet and sentences built out of three languages:).  In the end, we used the google translation function of her mobile phone, LOL. Crazy world! But we got what we wanted and we really, really liked it!

Julio Verne 93 Polanquito,
Cd. de México
(55) 5280-3094


Letzter Import – 211

If you love fresh seafood, you are going to love PacificA! To get a table at this hotspot can get quite difficult in the evenings, but taking a chance is absolutely worth it. I love sitting on the terrace. The view onto the street and the other buildings is quite reminiscent to South Beach in Florida. The cool chill out lounge tunes from the DJ and the maritime decor add the rest to this feeling. As appetizers, try the Taco de Chicharrón de Callo (scallops) and the Taco de Camarón a las brasas (shrimps). Delicious! For the entrée, I can highly recommend the Pulpo Costeno! It is like a seafood stew in a thick and dark, tamarind style sauce that includes octopus and marlin and is served in a boiling hot cast iron bowl. To die for, really! We skipped dessert that evening, but what was neatly draped on the trolley at the table next to us looked mouth-watering. I will definitely come back here. Great service, lovely location for a lively dinner and a relaxed and good-looking crowd of all ages.

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