Miami | Breakfast Beautiful in South Beach

Miami is my all-time favourite layover ever. Even though the flights are long and pretty hard work, standing with my bare naked feet in the Atlantic Ocean 12 hours after departure is always well worth it.


The sun, the warmth, the spirit, it´s like coming home every single time.


Unfortunately, we fly Miami only as a seasonal service during wintertime from Munich, so I was more than happy to have it as an unrequested flight pattern before the operational break would begin from April till November.


While there is no better way to finish the arrival day than with a Dirty Martini on the hotel´s terrace, it is my favourite tradition to hop into shorts and flip flops to take a stroll down the beach while the sun is slowly diving into the ocean on the horizon.


The next morning is always perfect for an early workout in the gym or running errands on the beach, when it´s not yet too hot. Decided for the climatized gym this time though before heading down to South Beach for a rich breakfast at one of my favourite places there, the Betsy Hotel.


The Betsy is not only a stylish place to spend your next Miami vacation, it is also a lovely location for enjoying a nutritious and healthy breakfast while watch SoBe coming to life.


The menu is diverse and you will find anything from light to savoury dishes, vegetarian and non-veg.


My favourites are the Ham & Cheese “Croque Monsieur” Croissant and the Plain Yogurt with Berries along. Completed with a delicious cappuccino, and you´ll get me happy!

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Service is very friendly and the atmosphere is elegant casual, yet very relaxed. Nothing for people who try to save a buck on their meals, but great for everyone who favours good quality and fresh ingredients at fair prices!


1440 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Telephone:(305) 531-6100
Click here for the menu


And what would be a stay in Miami without a decent stroll on the beach and a little sun lounging before the long night flight back home? Right. Nothing.


So I take the chance to walk “off” at least a few calories of that evilly delicious Ham & Cheese Croissant the 15 blocks back to the hotel while enjoying the warmth of the Floridian sun shining down on me and the sound of the ocean in my ears.


With two hours left before having to change into the uniform again, I grab a double shot latte down at the hotel´s coffee shop and head to the beach.


Knowing that at home it is still grey and cold, the Floridian sun is just what I need for the next hours.


And even though I did catch a little sunburn, every second was worth it! It will be almost 6 months until I can come back. But I will 🙂


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