Project Edge | Taking Celebrity Cruises to new Heights?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: All image material had to be withdrawn from by official demand. Please read my latest article! Softroom Ltd. is NO LONGER involved with Project EDGE (as of September 2016).

While Celebrity Cruises´ mother company Royal Caribbean International has thrown one new state-of-the-art cruise vessel after the other onto the market in the last couple of years, Royal´s fashionable deluxe cruise line Celebrity itself has inaugurated her last new-built (Celebrity Reflection) in 2012.

So more than time again to revolutionize the brand´s “Modern Luxury” experience with the introduction of the lines´ next generation ships, the so-called PROJECT EDGE.

Even though PROJECT EDGE has come up here and there in the past years, details about the design and look of the two new ships (the first one is scheduled to debut in 2018, the second delivery date is scheduled for 2020) are still top-secret.

Celebrity´s CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo has just recently talked to TTG Media about Celebrity Cruises´ presence and goals in the UK cruise market and the future role in China, and even though there was not too much reveal about what cruise passengers can expect onboard PROJECT EDGE (official statements and campaigns are set to begin sometimes during 2016), she indicated tight-lipped that there could be altogether up to five ships of what she calls “stand-out vessels“.

She also mentioned, that UK travel agents might be able to experience the new ship after its launch in October 2018, so therefore it is most likely to be constructed either in Germany, in Finland or in France (After a little more research, I was able to locate STX France as constructing shipyard).

It seems to be clear though, that London-based architecture and design studio Softroom Ltd. is well-integrated into the design process of PROJECT EDGE. The company, that has successfully introduced amongst other things Virgin Atlantic´s Upper Class cabin and the airline´s Clubhouse lounges has also experience in the design of hotels and restaurants around the globe.

Just like Softroom´s intention, the PROJECT EDGE staterooms onboard the new ships are going to feature informal simplicity and are designed to bring the outdoor feeling inside the cabin. The design is inspired by classic nautical design with highly crafted detailing.

“Featuring leading-edge design and technology, the EDGE stateroom is differentiated from competitors by looking at fresh sources of inspiration. The concept looks to step beyond the ordinary to create a unique and engaging stateroom experience that responds to the diverse needs and behaviors of the guests”, Softroom explains.

Personal Statement: I highly regret the withdrawal of all concept images from my article due to legal request and the exclusion of Softroom Ltd. from Project EDGE.

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