Dreaming of distant shores? | Come back new in 2016/17 with Princess Cruises

Grand Princess in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Grand Princess in Vancouver, British Columbia.

It is that time of year again. Summer has finally faded and while stores already stock their christmas decorations and holiday candies, it is our mind (at least mine) that has not yet quite understood completely that the golden season of the year is eventually over. Yes, over! No more mild summer nights. No more Tee´s, shorts and flip-flops. No more Mediterranean ease. No more country side picnics.

Instead, we will have to start our days again trying to figure out how many layers will protect us from the wind, the rain and the cold. I don´t know how you think about this, but the upcoming six months impersonate to me the most miserable time of the year. So if I could re-do the seasons, I would definitely exile every shade of grey from the skies and put a lock on the temperature scale not running lower than 25 degrees Celsius.

Caribbean Princess departing Nassau, Bahamas.
Caribbean Princess departing Nassau, Bahamas.

But to be fair, it is those endless rainy days that make us close our eyes and dream off to those distant shores that we have always longed to explore, right?. Where the ocean breeze caresses through our hair and warm sun rays find their way through softly rocking palm fronds to tickle our skin.

Our lips taste the salt of the ocean as we float through crystal clear seas. Exciting melodies and sounds pamper our ears while our eyes are ecstatic with all the millions of colors that far away places spread into this world of ours. Ok, looks like that I am loosing myself here, LOL.

But travel is one of the spices in our lives. In my life it takes second place right behind “Love”. And it is just like Princess Cruises states in their latest 2014/15 advertising campaign: We travel to “Come back new“!

But enough of my sentimental chatter. Just a few weeks ago, I attended the 2016/17 catalogue and routes presentation of Princess Cruises Germany/Austria at the Park Hilton in Munich, Germany. And as always, Princess Cruises understands to turn a simple cruise news gathering into an extraordinary social event.

So after a classy and enriching forenoon including a Champagne breakfast with terrific views on the top floor and a formidable light show by light artist Klaus Mayr (also known as “Kaa”), Princess Cruises proved once again that their interpretation of cruising and exploring goes way beyond the standard.

With the introduction of new itineraries, new ports of calls, more overnight stays and a wider range of educational programs onboard (Scholarship@sea, Discovery@sea and Festivals of the World), 2016/17 seems to be the perfect time to either change from your favourite cruise line (I know that I am seriously considering it) or to at least try something different. Something that gives you the chance to transform your vacation from an “Escape” from everyday life into an “Enrichment“, something that makes you “Come back new“.

Have you ever bathed underneath a rainforest waterfall???
Have you ever bathed underneath a rainforest waterfall???

How does “22 nights Alaska and Hawaii” sound to you, for instance? Just imagine, exploring the rich wild life and nature of mystical Alaska before you head down to the warm waters of the South Seas, dancing Hula underneath the stars and sipping fresh coconut water… Sigh…

Or cross the continents through the world-famous Panama Canal (by day!) while visiting exciting destinations such as Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia or Aruba.

Japan. For many still un undiscovered gem. Princess Cruises is the most experienced cruise line in the “Land of the rising sun”. With the widest range of itineraries (eight to 17-nights) set off and dive into one of the world´s most exciting, colorful and diverse countries. Live to see the romance of the cherry blossom, fly past Mount Fuji in the Shinkansen, taste the freshest and most perfect Sashimi in the streets of Tokyo or plunge into Japan´s rich history in Kyoto or Nara.

Another favourite of mine is the intense itinerary to Indonesia. Or how about heading for the end of the world in Down Under? No matter how you decide, Princess Cruises´ wide range of Australian, Tasmania and New Zealand sailings is simply inspiring.

Standing close to Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland.
Standing close to Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland.

A “Must” is a visit to the Northern Cape and Iceland, both available on these extraordinary adventures from Dover, England. Especially Iceland belongs to one of my most favourite destinations worldwide. Nature is so varied, so overwhelming and the climate so unpredictable, to me it is reminiscent of where we come from. The human origin. The latter is also part of Pacific Princess´ transatlantic crossing from New York to Dover in May 2016!

Something that has been on my bucket list for a long time is a trip to New England during Indian Summer. These two journeys combine the best of French Canada and the East Coast of the United States during the most romantic time of year, when leaves burst in the richest colors of autumn. And where does the traditional clam chowder tastes best? Of course, there where it comes from.

Between tradition and progress: Japan, land of the rising sun.
Between tradition and progress: Japan, land of the setting sun.

2016/17 will also see a wider range of longer, more intense sailings for those, that wish to explore this beautiful planet of ours in an even deeper and intense way. Check out these truly amazing adventures that I could literally die for:

I don´t know about you, but I am ready to pack my suitcases. With so many fabulous choices at hand, making a decision can get quite tough. But one thing is absolutely clear! No matter where you may be heading in 2016/17, chances are pretty good that you will come back new after all…

Safe travels, folks! See you on the road…

Discover the wonders of Planet Earth - Pyramids in Teotihuacán, Mexico
Discover the wonders of Planet Earth – Pyramids in Teotihuacán, Mexico

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