Infinite Cruise Lust | Carnival Cruise Line and P&O Cruises present cruise highlights for 2016/17

Cruise line´s catalogue and route presentations for the upcoming seasons can be quite unspectacular. Thinking of huge conference halls lacking fresh air, neon light and doubtful finger food bits way above room temperature on a loveless decorated laminated plastic table in one corner of the room. Urgh.

Carnival Cruise Line has always had a different approach to things, that we all know. So it is no wonder at all, that the official Caribbean´s No. 1 invited not only to a simple catalogue presentation, but to an interactive cookery get-together where you feasted on international, freshly prepared nibbles, enjoyed fine Italian Prosecco and decorated your own, personal cupcakes while learning about the exciting new addition to the Carnival fleet and quite some route highlights for the upcoming seasons of the largest cruise operator in the world.

The hip living room atmosphere of Kochgarage (an event location in downtown Munich, Germany) created the perfect setting for a laid-back yet classy evening and just the right place to learn more about another exciting brand of the Carnival Corporation: P&O Cruises.

Founded in 1837 as Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company, P&O Cruises looks back on 175 years of maritime experience and is the oldest cruise line in the world. It currently operates a fleet of eight ships offering contemporary and elegant British cruise traditions on worldwide sailings.

P&O Cruises is particularly strong in the market of short cruises and world sailings, operating mostly out of its home port Southampton. The majority of the fleet (Aurora, Azura, Britannia, Oceania & Ventura) is tailored for couples and family cruise vacations  while some ships (Adonia, Arcadia and Oriana) are exclusively designed as Adult-only vessels.

But before I get more into detail about  P&O and its highlights for next year, lets focus again on what is waiting for you on the Carnival shores.

Holding something in stock for every taste: Carnival Cruise Line and P&O Cruises
Holding something in stock for every taste: Carnival Cruise Line and P&O Cruises

Besides new ports, new itineraries and new cruise regions (or shall I say “returning” cruise regions), Carnival fans may surely look forward the most to the newest addition to the company´s fleet of fun ships: Carnival Vista.

Currently developing at Fincantieri shipyard in Trieste, Italy, Carnival Vista will be the largest ever-built fun resort for Carnival Cruise Line when entering service in May 2016. She will not only host the first IMAX theatre aboard a cruise ship (featuring a three deck movie screen), she will also thrill with the first open bike course (SkyRide) 46 meters above sea level and the largest WaterWorks Aquapark so far.

New ventures, new cabin categories and new areas (indoor & outdoor) will make Carnival Vista a destination of its own, taking the indoors out and creating the “Future of Fun”, as Carnival proudly claims.

And with the introduction of this brand new resort next year, Carnival will also return (at least for one season) back to Europe, offering eight- to 13 nights sailings in the Mediterranean.

Vista´s other route highlights include the transatlantic passage from Barcelona to New York with an overnight on the Bermudas, as well as two 11 nights-Caribbean sailings out of the Big Apple in November 2016.

While New York receives additional attention with the deployment of Carnival Sunshine on several Caribbean, New England and Bermuda cruises between June and October ´16, the new catalogue surprises in general with longer sailings from many of the company´s departure ports.

Carnival is extending its presence in the Bermuda market by adding sailings from Port Canaveral, Norfolk, Charleston and Baltimore.

Fans of the Aloha State can explore Hawaii´s extraordinary beauty on five magnificent itineraries between January and November 2016.

And if you are more keen to experience the wonders and wildlife of amazing Alaska, try one of these fun vacations aboard Carnival Legend.

Together with an array of short getaways, Carnival Cruise Line is spoiling its fans with 25 itineraries lasting longer than 10 days in 2016! This may promise more vacation, more ports and more fun than ever before during a Carnival cruise holiday.

In my eyes, it will be only a matter of time until the Fun ships will return to markets such as South America or further in the near future.

But no worries. If you would like to stay within the Carnival family to see all those places that the blue, white and red colored fun ships do not sail to, simply decide on a different brand. Like P&O Cruises, for example.

Like mentioned before, P&O looks back at over a century of experience in the cruise industry.

It offers a high quality cruise experience on eight elegant ships, bringing modern British cruise traditions to the seven seas. From weekend getaways to world cruises, P&O holds something in stock for everyone. Its newest masterpiece “Britannia” (as mentioned in this article before) is particularly interesting for solo travelers and younger crowds, offering contemporary design, state-of-the-art technologies and innovative food and entertainment concepts.

Lovers of the British way of life will feel at home on any of the company´s eight floating luxury hotels. And do not fear that you will be served Fish´n Chips day in, day out.

All chefs cooking for P&O Cruises are members of the renowned Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

So wherever you opt for a romantic short escape ( 2 nights, 3 nights) or a journey of exploration, these 2016 P&O Cruises itineraries are absolutely NOT to be missed!!! They are your CRUISE MUSTS and my personal favourites:

So you see, 2016 is holding some very exciting adventures for us cruise fanatics. Wherever you want to enjoy it in the laid-back atmosphere of a Carnival fun ship or feel the excitement of discovering far-away places around the globe, Carnival Cruise Line and P&O Cruises take you on the vacation that you have always dreamed of.

I know what I would be loving to do next…

What an evening! Inspired by all these news, my cupcakes turned out quite Carnival, don´t you think?
What an evening! Inspired by all these news, my cupcakes turned out quite Carnival, don´t you think?

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