Europe Fast forward | Day 3: Hamburg, Germany

No city on earth is fun with stormy weather. At least not outside. But to be quite honest, the so-called “Schietwetter” (local dialect would kind of pronounce it “Sheeeeeeetwetter”) comes pretty handy for me today.

I did not catch too much sleep during the night, the heavy winds howl around the building like there was a pack of hungry wolves waiting outside the door for me and the downpour instantly wets you all over like you were taking a shower in some public douche facility.

In other words: As the globe continues to turn well without my presence in public, why bother??? Indeed, it would not be necessary to actually leave the hotel. There is a great restaurant and bar downstairs and room service is just a dial away. But:

Besides all the walking that I have already done in the last two days, my mind feels for an extensive and relaxed workout in the gym downstairs. Some might rightfully claim, that the strolls around Rome and Lisbon have been more than adequate trainings so far, but personally it makes a big difference for me, wherever I MUST rush, or if I CAN take my time. And having more than an instant for physical education, helps me to relax.

But anyways, I am not going to bore anyone with my workout habits when we are here to talk serious “Schietwetter”-what-do-do-talk, right?

So while I push my bars, you´ll go out and make the best out of five hours in stormy Hamburg, the city with the second largest port in Europe (after Rotterdam, Netherlands).

Days like this scream for pampering…

Plan A: Relax-Mode

Five hours fly by when you are having fun. Or, when you are seriously relaxing. Days like this are perfect for spontaneous moments of serenity and harmony. And should you really have kept my pace during those last two days, you have definitely deserved it! The last day in London will again call for discipline!

So, pack your swimwear, a book and hit the road. If the weather was not as bad, I would have suggested to use the very well organized public transportation system or to go (if not too far away) by foot. Remember, you pick up the best impressions of a city by walking. Taking a taxi can be a quite costly affair in Germany. But the taxi drivers in Hamburg are often very deeply rooted with the city and have a huge knowledge of its present and history and always appreciate interest in their hometown.

Following, you will find my three favourite Day Spas in Hamburg. They are all gorgeously designed and allow to unwind and take some time off:

  • Fairmont Vier Jahreszeiten – accessible with treatment ONLY! When you are looking for something special!
  • Seagull Spa @Sofitel Alter Wall – Day Pass from 25 EUR (January 2015)
  • Elyseum Spa @Grand Elysee – Day Pass from 29 EUR (April 2015)
Walking empty streets and getting wet??? I don´t think so…

Plan B: Indoor-Mode

If you are not in your personal wellness mode, there are actually a few places you may enjoy indoors. Worth seeing is the Miniature Wonderland (expect waiting times on rainy days) or the art and photography collection exhibited at the Deichtorhallen.

If you are looking for a little thrill and some goosebumps, consider the live journey through 600 years of Hamburg´s murky past at the Hamburg Dungeon.

Great places for a chilled drink and/or a bite with extraordinary views (if the weather allows it) are Clouds or 20 up (Empire Riverside Hotel).

Or if you have cravings for your sweet tooth that are out of this world, these places combine the vibe and style of the Northern German metropolis perfectly with high-end pastry skills:

Feet up!

Plan C: Me-Mode

Seriously, even when you are visiting a city for the very first time. One thing is absolutely essential: Listen to your body! If you are feeling exhausted, tired or worn out, take a nap! On a day like this, missing out on adventure is a luxury you should grant yourself.

Whatever your choice will be for the day, I hope, you will have fun! After I finished my workout at the hotel gym, I quickly grabbed myself my favourite Venti-No-Foam-Latte at the next available Starbucks branch at Dammtor station ( two minutes walking from the Radisson Blu) and jumped on my bed, dreaming away with the latest cruise travel magazines…

Stay tuned for the last day of our four-day adventure through Europe: London, Great Britain


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