Luxury short cruises 2015 | A few distinguished recommendations

Oh, my ocean. How I am longing to be with you! I miss you every single day. Your tender voice, when your white top waves tremble in fountains of spray, and your gentle touch, when your soft breath breezes through my hair.

I love loosing my sight in the eternal blue of your mystical depths while I taste the salt of your presence on my lips. How could being close to you ever be enough, when I can be closest?

This might sound a little kitschy, but I mean every word of it!

Being a cruise enthusiast, I could cruise every day, all year-long. Too bad, that work and life do interfere with this wish of adventure on a regular base. And since my last name is not Gates, Trump, Buffet or Lee Wachtstetter, it looks like that I will have to wait for my dream to come true open end.

But I am not the only one. Cruise lines have gotten more and more considerate of the fact, that these days, people have to work more for their money, while having less free-time to spend it. Or they are just tired of having only one vacation per year. Whatever the reason is, short breaks are booming more than ever. The will to travel and to take a little time out remains unbroken.

And the cruise lines react. While it has been common in the US market for many years, short cruises begin to become more and more popular in Europe. And I love it! Let me outline just a few advantages in stock for you:

  1. They provide the opportunity to take some time off on a regular base, if only for a few nights, while not being stuck to just a single destination.
  2. You get a taste of each different product available on the market that will help you to identify, which one suits your needs the best.
  3. You are sovereign to rumours and hearsay from others and independent from cruise review publishing.
  4. And the best part: They are affordable and come at a much better price value than to that of a comparable luxury weekend in a major European hot spot, full board included!

Take a look at these luxury short cruises highlights in 2015 in Europe. I am sure, you have not been aware of at least a few of them. No matter, what your personal preference is like: Windjammer, yacht-style or ocean liner. It is all on offer!

See for yourself, why this year is a fantastic time again to take a well-deserved break. Or start doing so! Brought to you only here on

5 Night Grand Prix Voyage, May 2015

Celebrity Eclipse, May 2015

Crystal Symphony, November 2015 | Crystal Harmony, May 2015

Queen Elizabeth, May – October 2015 | Queen Mary 2, June – October 2015 | Queen Victoria, December 2015

Europa | Europa 2 | Hanseatic

Getaway to Croatia, May 2015 | Napoleon Bonaparte´s Corsica, May 2015

Mallorca to Nice, April 2015 | Lisbon to Valencia, April 2015 | Nice to Nice, April 2015 | Valencia to Nice, May 2015 | Portsmouth to Hamburg, June 2015 | Hamburg to Oslo, June 2015 | Venice to Venice, August 2015 | Hamburg to Hamburg, August 2015 | Barcelona to Nice, September 2015 | Las Palmas to Las Palmas, November 2015

Piraeus to Istanbul, May 2015 | Monte Carlo to Monte Carlo, May 2015 | Monte Carlo to Civitavecchia, May 2015 | Piraeus to Istanbul, September 2015

Barcelona to Civitavecchia, April 2015

Malaga to Rome, May 2015 | Cannes to Cannes, May 2015 | Venice to Venice, September 2015 | Cannes to Cannes, September 2015 | Cannes to Cannes, September 2015 | Athens to Malta, October 2015 | Rome to Rome, October 2015 | Cuba, December 2015

Barcelona to Rome, April 2015

Not too bad, don´t you think? Happy cruising, folks! And don´t forget: Life is too short to drink bad champagne…

P.S. Stay tuned for my next post outlining the best & most-affordable mini cruises for 2015!!!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 18.50.50
The Grill Class aboard Cunard liners reserves exclusive spaces to premium passengers.

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