Traveler´s Advice | 10 ways to fight stress when on the road

It is time to change. Fasten your seatbelts!
It is time to change. Fasten your seatbelts!

The world is amazing. So much to see, so little time. I guess, every person on this planet has a personal bucket list of places to go and things to do before hitting the sack.

Mine is enormous, let me tell you. I bet, yours, too. But with all optimism, it would be quite surreal to think, that we will be able to mark them all off during our lives. Well, at least not, when you´re carrying out a full-time job on the side.

Yes or no. Not every decision is easy...
Left or right. Not every decision is easy…

No room for sadness though. The time left is still enough to focus on those places, that mean the most to you! But be careful, being on the road on a permanent base may result in physical and psychological fatigue, if you do not allow your body and mind some time-outs on a regular base. The so-called “Me-Time”.

As highly enriching as travel can be, the consciousness and enjoyment of visual and emotional experiences may only be achieved, when body and mind are well rested.

A candle is only burning as long as there is wax...
A candle is only burning as long as there is wax…

Rest is probably the most important ingredient in enriching travel. But rest does not only stand for a decent nap after a long distance flight, it rather describes an attitude that allows oneself to leave blank spaces on the map. Even if this would mean (at heartbreak), that you would have to cancel a set goal (because of sickness, for example).

Most important is the mind´s awareness, of when rest is needed. And this is exactly the problem. We all are so used to give more than we can every single day, seven days a week. At work, at home and on vacation, we constantly deliver at full consciousness excessively. That makes it easy to fail to see, that we are running our system steadily close to override.

Focussing on what is really important...
Focussing on what is really important…

As no one will do it for you, it is up to only you to pull the emergency break.

I call it the “Stop caring about the others, start caring about yourself”-moments, the so-called “Me-Time“.

“Me-Time” has nothing to do with being self-centered. Most people, including sometimes me, lack the assertiveness of their own longings and desires from time to time. Especially when they tour with other people. We are mostly concentrated on how to contribute to society or to our personal environment.

The question is: Do people around you take the same effort?

Taking some time for oneself. A burden for many...
Taking some time for oneself. A burden for many…

“Me-Time” reactivates sensitivity for the mental balance and at the same time increases receptivity. So that we can make the most out of every moment we make during our lives, as well as while we are traveling. It helps to identify current levels of stress and prevents exhaustion.

And there is really not much to it! The only thing to do, is following a few simple guidelines:

  • Eat & drink responsibly. Soul food is good for the mind. It may not always be the right choice, but sometimes just perfect. If you have food allergies or incompatibilities, try not to overexcite. Freshly squeezed juices, fruits and vegetables should be on your everyday agenda!
  • If you have a bad habit (i.e. smoking), try to do something good to your body to keep some sort of a balance.
  • Have an eye on your energy level. If you feel weary or worn, postpone workouts or physical loads to another time. This could also mean to minimize travel itineraries or to skip planned excursions completely.
  • Respectfully say “No” to things or persons, when you are definitely not in the mood for them. Being alone must not always mean being lonely!
  • Allow yourself time to breathe! A visit to a Spa, a massage or any kind of wellness contribution once (at least) a month can move mountains! Remember, you do not have to leave your apartment or hotel in order to relax!
  • Try to cut down on Social Media Apps and being available for everybody at all times! Some experiences you make on the road are made just for you!
  • Stay hydrated! A body without water is nothing! Before you drink nothing, drink coffee.
  • When on the road, never live up to the local time at home. That is mental torture and pure pressure. Always set your watches to the local time at your destination. Even if it is only for a day!
  • Being honest with others will take a lot of pressure from you, no matter if during work or leisure moments. It might not always be pleasing for your counterpart, but it will help you to diminish unwanted psychological baggage.
  • Sleep is vital. If you feel the urge to rest, take your moment (when possible). After intercontinental flights, up to three hours of immediate sleep may help to fight jet lag. Discipline implied in getting up though. Try to keep these flying days free of any unwanted obligations! As I am not a big fan of sleeping pills, I try to avoid aids as much as possible. Yet, if nothing works at all, I personally have made good experiences in particular with the sleep enhancer Hoggar Night by STADA (Doxylaine Succinate).
Being one with yourself is not always easy…

These are only suggestions from my side in order to upgrade your personal travel experience by sharpening your mind for your individual needs. Some of them may work for you, some may not. Most importantly, this article was meant to activate your self-consciousness. You only have this energy spare for the world and its excitement, that your own mind has left over!

Safe travels, folks. See you on the road!

Allowing yourself to relax is the utmost luxury...
Allowing yourself to relax is the utmost luxury…

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