Escaping Winter | 24 hours in Dubai

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-11 um 15.23.02I am having one of these moments. One of these moments where you wake up in the morning and you realise that you cannot take it anymore.

Winter. You cold, grey and intimidating season. You make my thoughts turn dubious, you dry out my nasal mucosa and you bore stiff my inner balance!

I am sick of wearing four layers of clothes on me, i am sick of being exposed to sneezing and coughing people all around me, I am sick of the endless cold that intrudes my warm heart, and I am sick of the absence of the mind’s most important inspiration: The sun!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-11 um 15.23.43Do not get me wrong, I am not opposing winter in terms completely. There is nothing more romantic than a white christmas, right? But hey, almost half a year??? I call this mayhem!

I know, spring is almost one step away, but I cannot wait anymore. My mind and body feel like a withered thistle, that someone had forgotten to water for months. So, tonight I am going to do something about it. I will escape this depressing environment, if only for an instant. I am going to Dubai.

IMG_2915Considering, that I will be there for only one day, this might sound a little odd to some of you. And if I was not working in the travel industry, maybe I would have chosen to go or do something different. But still, it is a privilege that comes with my job. And without boasting or showing off about it, I am most happy to take advantage of this benefit.

Dubai is a great place to go during winter.

  1. First of all, the climate is moderate during winter season with comfortable temperatures around 28 ℃
  2. Hotels are utmost luxurious and you get great deals if you can go during the week
  3. With gratitude to Emirates and other airlines, you can reach Dubai nonstop from lots of international cities, sometimes even twice a day and flight times are moderate
  4. It is food heaven and offers a wide range on traditional and international cuisine, for every taste and every pocket

As I have been many times before, this time I am planning only to relax a bit in the sun and let my mind wander. Soaking up the warmth, having a freshly squeezed juice by the pool, maybe a massage at the spa, a little workout in the afternoon, finishing the day off with local food. In other words, 24 hours of not having winter! Ah, I cannot wait:).

If you like to virtually join me on this trip, come along and follow me on Instagram now!

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