Britannia | P&O´s masterpiece

This ship will not only stir up the British cruise market, but is a great contribution for whole Europe! It must be so good, that even her Majesty, the Queen of England, could not resist to lay hands on her christening yesterday…

But before you head on to explore her in detail on P&O´s homepage, let me just summarize a few WOW´s, that make this ship a most spectacular one!

£473 million, 141 000 gross tonnage, 330 m long, 15 decks, 4.324 passengers, 27 single cabins (partly with balcony), £1 million on-board art collection, 13 bars and restaurants…

Got excited? Well, check the link for all about a truly royal naming ceremony and a ship, that promises to be a sparkling diamond to the European cruise market.

Britannia Cruise Ship | Britannia Cruises | P&O Cruises.

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